Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Diamonds

Difference between cut and shape:

Cut is often used to talk about the shape of a diamond, but shape and cut are actually two different aspects of a diamond. The cut refers to how the diamond is made to reflect light, while the shape is the overall form of the diamond.

The cut of a diamond is determined by how the diamond can be cut and polished. The two main things that cutters are trying to achieve in diamond cuts are brilliance and light refraction. When someone is talking about the cut of a diamond, they are talking about how the diamond reflects light, how much fire it has, or what the brilliance of it is ― In essence, how it shines!

The shape of a diamond Is just that, what shape you want from it. The shape of the diamond can affect the cut of the diamond. Some shapes of diamonds are better for more flawed cuts, they hide the imperfections well. Others, like the round diamond, are designed to give the cut the MOST brilliance. The shape is ultimately up to the buyers’ wants, and we hope to give you an idea of what shape you need for the perfect ring!

What are the different shapes of diamonds?

There are two different categories that diamonds are sorted into round cuts and fancy cuts. There are ten different shapes of diamonds that we will be looking at here: round, princess, oval, marquis, pear, cushion, emerald, Asscher, radiant, and heart.


The round cut diamond is the most popular, and probably the one you think of when someone mentions diamonds. It is known for having the most brilliance, and efficient cut of any diamond. This diamond has the most value compared to the other shapes.


Princess cut diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings, because of their square shape they work well on most styles of rings; also, the princess cut has a lower price, due to the high yield of the cut. This cut also stands out as one of the more popular choices among the fancy cuts.


If you are looking for a bigger diamond, the oval cut has a similar brilliance to the round diamond, but the longer shape gives the illusion of a bigger size. This cut is also quite durable, given that there are no edges to chip off or damage.


The marquise diamond is one of the best choices if you are looking for a large diamond as the surface area of the marquise is larger than any of the other shapes. The elongated look of the diamond also serves as a slimming effect on the wearer’s finger.


The pear-shaped diamond is known for its excellent symmetry and flawlessness, as the shape hides inclusions well. This shape makes for a very elegant engagement ring, and its relative rarity among fancy cuts will make you stand out.


The cushion cut diamond is what the round diamond dominated in popularity. This classic cut has been popular for over two centuries, and with recent refinements is making its way back to the top of the charts. This diamond will provide you a vintage ring with a lot of diamond history behind it.


The Emerald cut diamond is THE shape to get if you want a big gem. The large table on this shape not only gives the diamond its large appearance but also creates a more ‘Hall-of-mirrors’ effect, a different look than the normal sparkle and fire you would find in a round diamond.


The Asscher shape, produced by Joseph Asscher, is very similar to the emerald shape with a few key changes. This shape has a smaller table, but more facets which allow for more brilliance than the emerald shape.


The radiant diamond is known for being just that, radiant! This rectangular diamond is the only square diamond to have a complete brilliant-cut facet in both its crown and pavilion, this allows for the diamond to shine brilliantly. This shape may also be what you are looking for if you want durability. The rounded corners make this gem less likely to chip or break.


Unique shape as a symbol of love, however, can be hard to differentiate between a round cut diamond when below .50 carats. This shape requires a very skilled cutter, which can increase the value of this gem over time.

What shape is good for YOU?

How do you know what shape of diamond is the best shape for you? Does it matter what shape it is? It all comes down to what you want out of it! Bigger diamonds can be better if you are looking to show off wealth, however, smaller diamonds can be slimming and more elegant. If you need to sweep your partner off their feet with a sign of pure romance, the heart shape may be the right one for you! Some of these shapes differ in durability, if you have an active lifestyle you may want to take that into consideration. If you are looking for sparkle and shine over size, you may want to consider the Asscher or radiant shapes.

Ultimately, the shape of your diamond should reflect your character. 

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